Welcome, new ones!

Those smiles!

As it turned out, the birth of our new organization members is quite impressive.

Welcome, new members of our family. We salute you for your courage and determination to build our beloved organization to become one of the best, not only locally but globally. We hope you all can participate in every way to make college life more meaningful and beneficial.


People come and go. But some people should not be forgotten, especially family members. This event marked the reorganization of English Department Student Association. This means the executive of 2015/16 has to bid farewell to us. I have to tell you, man, this is not an easy part when it comes to reorganization.

This event kicked off by opening speeches from our former president, Taufik Wibowo, Mr. Rifka as our EDSA mentor, and Mr. Alamsyah respectively. One of the key points they addressed to us was how important a regeneration is. It shows the health of our organization. Then, the new President, M. Farid Salma, and heads of department were mandated the new jobs symbolically by given our alma mater jacket of the former head of department. The following act was the oath stated by Mr. Rifka and reiterated by the new members as well as the recent executives.

Friends and colleague, we now face the real world. We bear the responsibility and will have to live up to that expectation, no matter what. This fresh air is expected to make another tremendous history, like the former executives did. We can not do it without your commitment and eagerness. So let’s hold our hands together and fear nothing, my folks!