Sahur On The Road


Ramadan does not feel right when you do not share something you have with other people. We do not get to ask for Allah’s grace without having done something meaningful to people around us. It is what we believe here in EDSA, that we should not let us enjoy Ramadan by ourselves.
SA, or known as Social Activist, is EDSA division which is responsible for Sahur On The Road. They managed to take care of everything we need as participant so we only had to follow their instructions and, bam, everybody is happy. May their effort be paid back in greater things.
It is a cheerful event even though we had to wake up around 1 o’clock in the morning to meet in rendezvous. Then each of us get a box of food to share. There were about 40 people who participated in this event and we started our journey from Simpang Lima Semarang.
It was a little bit emotional, giving people something that is useful to them. We wish, whatever they believe in, the virtue of Ramadan is always upon us because we know that this month is not just about ourselves.




X-Men: Apocalypse Review


2016 seems to be a busy year for superhero movies. Now it’s the mutants in X-Men universe whotake the turn in their newest movie, X-Men: Apocalypse. This time, the story revolves around Apocalypse, who was believed as the first mutant on Earth, and was worshipped as a god back then. When he returned after being buried for thousands of years, he found out that the world had changed so much that he decided to change the world back to what he believed it should be. As a result, Raven, Professor X, and the young X-Men all had to fight him back in order to defeat his plan.

Although I’m not an avid fan of Marvel, especially the X-Men universe, I can say that this movie is amazing. The storyline is great: a balanced mix of myth, cultural life, fantasy, and technology. You can feel the Ancient Egypt atmosphere at one scene, then get into Professor Xavier’s well-known gadget, Cerebro, in the other scene, and eventually sense the suspense in the final fight between X-Men and Apocalypse.

The casts also give incredible performances, like James McAvoy as Professor Charles Xavier, Michael Fassbender as Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto, and Jennifer Lawrence as Raven/Mystique. Along with that,the new mutants like Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler (Kodi Smit-McPhee), Scott Summers/Cyclops (Tye Sheridan), and Jean Grey/Phoenix (Sophie Turner) are great and add something new and fresh tothe X-Men franchise. I have to say that they picked the right casts to play their respective roles—especially Oscar Isaac as En Sabah Nur/Apocalypse, who portrayed the character brilliantly. Meanwhile, Bryan Singer as the director indeed delivers breathtaking aspects that will make you unable to leave your seat: the emotions, the visual effects, the fight scenes, every little details are amazing. It’s a complete package: action, drama, and a little bit touch of humor that will be fun to watch.

Probably the only flaw I felt while watching this movie was the pace of the story itself. It’s actually great, I’m not gonna lie, but sometimes the switch of scenes between each character confused me. But it’s actually normal since this movie has a lot of characters and it’s almost impossible to give each character the same screen time. As the time goes by, you’ll get used to it and start tounderstand the story. With the duration of 2 hours and 24 minutes, I’m sure you sure won’t takeyour eyes off this movie and enjoy every minute of it.

In the end, I highly recommend this movie for those who enjoy superhero movies. If you’re going to spend your weekend at the cinema, make sure you grab a seat for this movie!

CCU 2016 : “Explore the world, Expand the culture”


This time, this annual event was held by TID (Talent and Interest Development). CCU stands for Cross Cultural Understanding. CCU is aimed for everyone, not only the students from English Department. What can we get from CCU? Well, we will gain more knowledge about the other culture. Not only that, we will be more tolerance to others.

The writer would like to tell this year’s CCU. So, this event started at 16.47 on Thursday, May 26th, 2016.. The hosts were Tere and Bobi. Tere was wearing a red kimono and Bobi was wearing Minang traditional hat. Their clothes quite represented the culture, right?

This year, the project leader, Maureen Adhiba chose Japanese culture and Minang culture. She said that her team chose Japan as the foreign culture because they had got recommendation from the ICT center. She said that they got native speaker from Japan and Tunisia, but they chose Japan based on the decoration idea. At the beginning, she had already wanted to decorate the Theater Room in Japan atmosphere. She also shared her first experience about being the project leader in EDSA.

We asked her if there is any difficulty in holding this CCU. “Yes, there was a problem. We should cut the event because UNDIP needs to be sterilized for the SBMPTN. And it was too sudden, I think, like a couple hours before this event started, my team was told by the faculty”, Maureen said. When we asked about the budget, turned out the budget was quite affordable, Rp500,000,00 for the whole event.

Emmy Moria, our native speaker from Japan taught us some Japanese words. She also told us about seasons in Japan. “In Japan, summer ends every year, in Indonesia, it is never end”, she said and all the audience spontaneously laughed.


What about Minang culture? We had Asep as our speaker. He also shared a lot of Minang culture and habits. There was a main problem from Minangnese people. Sometimes, they are considered the same as Padang people. No, in fact, they are not. So, Asep tried to tell the general differences and tell us the general information about the tribe.

This year CCU was quite different. Different in a good way, of course. The decoration was better than the last year CCU, even though the event started 15 minutes later than the time scheduled. The speakers were also communicative in giving the information.

Well done, TID! Keep up the good work!