It has been a while since everything started. Two men, with their own vision, chose to make difference by becoming the candidates of EDSA president. They want to make everything better here, a place they call home. A place where we come back to.

Apart from their own ego and ambition, we believe that these guys are the most willing ones from the bunch who are gonna be the next fair, professional, heart-warming president.

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EDSA Election

EDSA : Search for the Leader

An organization, indeed, need to reorganize as the time passed by. Almost a period has passed and now we are looking for the new leader. EDSA itself gave the same opportunity for those who want to be the president. Finally it is here, it is a brand new start for the next period of EDSA.

As we said before, new leader is being searched! After the online registration session from September 25th to September 28th, 2016, two candidates have registered; Javier Muhamad Yusuf from Human Resource Departement (HRD) dan Hernanda Bayu Wicaksana from Economic and Business (Ecobiss).  Therefore, we held the first technical meeting on September 29th, 2016 at GSG of Faculty of Humanities, at 5 p.m.

pemira-2 pemira

On the first meeting, explanation about the election regulations, rules and timeline were discussed by the election committee and the candidates. The election committee consists of people from Finance and Governance (FG), EDSA cabinet and EDSA committee. All the candidates are given the chance to fulfill the needed requirements for one month starting from September 29th – November 5th, 2016. The election committee of 2016 and EDSA cabinet will supervise and give direction for the candidates for the next technical meeting.
These are the regulation of EDSA president candidates of 2017:

  • Active student of English Department batch 2015 (with the attachment of student card)
  • Prepare the vision and mission
  • Prepare the grand design (on Powerpoint)
  • Grand design content must include: organizational structure, explanation of each department, analysis of the current EDSA’s SWOT (each department along with the solution).
  • Strategy how to:  budgeting, SOP, Ecobis branding, get media partner and build relation with alumni.
  • Personal: SWOT, objective-goals-strategic-measurement
  • Minimum GPA of 2.75 (with the attachment of the recent KHS)
  • Photocopy of LKMMD certificate or a declaration letter for attending LKMMD.
  • CV
  • Parents’ permission letter
  • Willingness letter to join EDSA election 2017 (with stamp)
  • 3 x 4 photo in almamater (hard and soft copy)
  • Do coaching to every Head of Department, President of EDSA and president from other student organization (make a resume as a result of coaching and signed)

The election timeline of 2016

Sunday, 25-28 September >> Online registration

Thursday, 29 September >> TM 1

Monday, 31 Oktober >> TM 2

Saturday, 5 November >> TM 3

Sunday, 6 November >> Debate, Grand Design Presentation

Mon-Tue, 7-8 November >> Campaign

Thursday, 10 November >> Election

EDSA’s Social Activists’ Charity 

“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” -Mark Twain

Kindness is something that we can do anywhere, anytime. And in the beginning of new semester, Social Activist of EDSA shared some kindness and love through a charity event held in a retirement home named Panti Wredha Rindang Asih II, Semarang, on Saturday, August 20th 2016.

When we arrived at the retirement home around 9 AM, the elderly lived there were already waiting for us. Afterwards, Nikolaus Natal or Bobi from SA led the event as the host. Firstly, he greeted the elderly and then introduced us. After some greeting speeches from Tia  as the project leader, we started to share some happiness through singing and sharing stories.

First off, we asked the elderly if there’s someone who wants to sing a song. These elderly turned out to love singing-and unexpectedly, some of them have beautiful voices too. We sang various songs, from religious to Javanese songs. Not only singing, one of them loves dancing too, even did it while we were singing.

It’s not a secret that the elderly love to talk and share their stories, and that’s what we did after we’ve done with singing: get to know each of them  by listening to their stories. They had a lot of interesting stories to share with each of us, mostly about their childhood and family. Through their stories, sure we’ve learned a lot.

We asked them about how do they feel about our visit there. They all said that it was nice to have someone visiting them, accompanying them. “All I do here is just daydreaming everyday,” said one of the elderly who lived there. “We rarely get visited, so I’m happy that you all come here and entertain us.”

With a hello, comes a goodbye. Around 11 AM, it was time for us to say goodbye to all the elderly. But before we leave, we managed to give them some daily needs such as rice and cooking oil, and of course we had a photo session together.

In the end, it was such a great pleasure to get to know them. They were such lovely people, and hopefully we can get back there again one day.

SA had showed us a good example of being kind to people. So, what kindness had you done today?

Farewell, Mr. Coelho

You gave us new color. You taught us new stuff. You inspired us. We are thankful for your efforts in this semester.


The little farewell party held in Gedung Serba Guna FIB was attended by teachers and students from English Department. Those who came to this event got the chance to know Mr. Fabio Coelho a little bit closer as he told us few things about his personal life regarding education.

It is enlightening to listen the story from a man who has traveled across the world to teach, from kindergarten to university students. He had many incredible stories to share but time is the limitation. One thing we learn from him is that students in every corner of this earth have the same capability regardless the color of their skin and their culture. We are meant for something big, that was what he asserted.

We hope you have a bright future yourself, Mr. Coelho. Something big does not only come for these youngsters but also for people who have inspired a lot. We bid you adieu.

Warm regards,

Students of English Department Diponegoro University