On April 6th, all EDSA 2019 staff were attending the annual handover & inauguration at FIB Building A room A39 on 7 P.M to began a new period of EDSA under the leadership of Gebby Marchella. This event were not only attended by the new staff, but also it was attended by Rifka Pratama (EDSA’s advisor), Dr. Agus Subiyanto, MA (Head of English Department), and former head of departments from previous period.

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The event started with all audience singing national anthem of Indonesia and followed by speeches from Rifka Pratama, Dr. Agus Subiyanto, and the current President of EDSA, Gebby Marchella. After those speeches, Dr. Agus Subiyanto read the leader’s oath and Gebby repeated his words. 1555753575383

Not long after that, Gebby read the ethic code to all recurring staff of EDSA 2019 as a promise from all staff to do their jobs properly and loyal to EDSA in the current period. The event didn’t stop there. All departments introduced their jobs description to others and showed each other programs for this period.

The last agenda for this event was “Sidang AD/ART”. We discussed what we are gonna revised and/or omit the rules of organization that are not fit for this period. The whole event ended at 4 P.M.










[From left: Daniel Chlemmer (Head of ECOBIS), Yunindya Palarani (Head of TID), Saniya Nadilla Rahma (Head of SA), Alya Ayu Kartika (Head of HRD), Rifka Pratama (EDSA’s advisor), Gebby Marchella (President of EDSA 2019), Dr. Agus Subiyanto (Head of English Department), Amarylis Duta Pertiwi (Head of FG), Nabila Zahra Sahaskirana (Head of MEDCOMM), and Krisna Adivian (Head of ARD)]

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