Farewell, Mr. Coelho

You gave us new color. You taught us new stuff. You inspired us. We are thankful for your efforts in this semester.


The little farewell party held in Gedung Serba Guna FIB was attended by teachers and students from English Department. Those who came to this event got the chance to know Mr. Fabio Coelho a little bit closer as he told us few things about his personal life regarding education.

It is enlightening to listen the story from a man who has traveled across the world to teach, from kindergarten to university students. He had many incredible stories to share but time is the limitation. One thing we learn from him is that students in every corner of this earth have the same capability regardless the color of their skin and their culture. We are meant for something big, that was what he asserted.

We hope you have a bright future yourself, Mr. Coelho. Something big does not only come for these youngsters but also for people who have inspired a lot. We bid you adieu.

Warm regards,

Students of English Department Diponegoro University

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